Ariana de Ment

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For more than three decades I have been deepening my study of health. I began by studying breath because I had panic attacks after my divorce. This was so fascinating that I became a breathing therapist, studying Body Breath and Movement at Goralewski Institute in Berlin over three years with Michel Benjamin and Leonore Quest.At Caritas Verband I started to teach Breath and Movement therapy _for a group of elderly senior groups. I helped clients like dancers, musicians, actors as well as people with breathing issues_asthmatic , or allergies or people with professions who had to stand all day in a specific body posture___________, where actors and actresses were my students.

Understanding breath and movement is wonderful, but it's not enough. It’s just one part. So I tried to learn why I was angry, sad, and hurt in my relations. That’s why I started to do the coaching classes at this institute from Johann Kluchny. As a life and relationship coach I have helped many people take control of their finances and careers, and transform their partnerships to be more playful and joyful. The most recent focus of my study is nutrition. I have received a certificate from the College of Naturopathic Medicine Health Coaching Program in London. Now I am able to understand the nutritional cause of problems I have faced since I was a child. And I am able to assist my clients with everyday living, biomedicine, how the body works, and how this is related with a glowing, happy daily life and romantic life.

With my husband a former Ballett dancer, I am now married over three decades and still explore new interesting fields, a daughter and a pug my life is full of gratitude and joy.